Try it a little higher in the sky to get the
customers you want...


Skytyping, and then Dot Com.


What kind of customers do you have? Where are your customers? Who are your customers? Why should your customers stay with you? When would be a good time to find new customers? What do you think the next step is? Do you know who your customers are? When do you think would be the appropriate time to make a change? People do the same thing month after month and expect you see yourself doing this?


Where do you think the appropriate venue to promote your company and products is? How do you show appreciation? Do you really have the experience to deal effectively with marketing and advertisement? Have you ever received more than a 3% return on your marketing and advertisement costs?


What if you could leverage a great center of influence and create new revenue? These questions and more are answered when you become a member of our "Purpose Driven Network."

Our intent and practice is to help our cients with our synergistic approach to strategically leverage a huge center of influence to help grow your business. Yes YOUR business. Coupled with our associated developed opt-in center of influence that is currently over millions of users 24x7x365 gives you a huge resource to draw from. Our number of users is projected to grow to over 4,000,000 by 2012. And, when the end of 2012 comes, we will have changed the way advertisement and marketing was done in the last century and will make the advertisement and marketing industry squeal like a pig under a gate. This is SKYTYPING. Proven since 1932 and now using the Dot Com to
take our methodology to another level.

As you will see, our marketing and advertisment methodologies gives you the competitive edge, a value added benefit to increase your client base and motivate your staff and associates. But more importantly, it is revenue. You see, one of the benefits of our associated companies is to leverage approximately 2-5 million people when we produce information on your company at 10,000 to 30,000 feet in the sky. This is extremely unconventional and is done basically in the sky. I had to say, but really I like to say it, "We Give You The Sky." This means you have to think outside the box. Click here to see the ultimate in thinking outside the box. And for all practical purposes there IS NOT any invasion of the customers privacy. The customer comes to you. This is what is really called showing your appreciation and respecting the customer. No smelly perfume on the pages of magazine, no advertisements on TV, no advertisements on the radio, no SPAM on email, and best of all, the customer comes to you. Does this have anything to do with "How Dot Com Works?" Yes, so please read on.

Our OPT-IN customers are happy because they have to contact us if they want your business. You see we do not do any typical advertisement.

What are you going to do when you get a prospective customer? How does DOT COM work anyway? Do you know that simple formula? Which one is that anyway? Did I ever learn that formula in school? What?

What was that?

5W+H=K. Is this simple or what? 

Tell'em what you're goin' tell'em,

then tell'em again,

then tell'em what you told'em.

Who, What Why, When and Where plus

How equals (=)  Knowledge of execution. 


A little more than the four basic math functions, but it is very simple. Sooo, what do you do now. How would you like to have the DOT COM do it? You know the demographics. You know their name. You know your email. You know what they have been buying. You know what they want. Well, respond. Yes, YEs, YES again.

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Do not assume that the other fellow has
intelligence to match yours. He may have more.
Terry Thomas

It is not what people do not know,

it is what people know that just ain't so.
Will Rogers


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